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Friday, April 30, 2010

Clean house

Today I spent almost all day cleaning the house. It's amazing how much more relaxing it is this evening knowing that cleaning is not something that I have to do! The boys were pretty cooperative today. They spent their time either outside, chasing each other, playing video games, watching tv, or "helping" me clean. Not a whole lot going on this weekend. Soccer tomorrow, some homework, and some work. Not sure what the weather is supposed to be like but hopefully it will be nice enough to mow the lawn because its getting pretty long. Have I ever mentioned I don't like mowing the lawn? It makes my nose run :-(  But I do like how the yard looks after it is all freshly cut, and I enjoy being outside with the kids. Arcadian and Brosnan LOVE being outside. Justice is a little more picky. The weather needs to be right and everything needs to be on his terms. Ahhh, to be an opinionated kid.

Enough for tonight, the clock is ticking...


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