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Monday, May 3, 2010

It was a windy Monday!

I can not believe how windy it was outside today. It was crazy! Today we spent most of the day indoors. The boys ventured out into the wind on occasion but they did not last very long. They were pretty good today. I actually got some work accomplished. The power went out for about 30 minutes. The boys were not to happy about that.  Arcadian was in bed and the older two were watching a movie. The power went out I heard yells coming from the family room saying the TV turned off all by itself. I tried to explain to them what it means when the power is out. The told me that it was okay, they'd just watch tv in another room, or play video games. They were not to pleased when I repeatedly told them, "nope, that doesn't work either." I finally convinced them that their two choices were to either go play in their rooms or play the Nintendo DS's. I figured everyone was calm enough for me to go take a shower and as soon as I got into the bathroom the power came back on.  The boys were very happy!

After Arcadian woke up from his nap I loaded the boys up and headed over to G-Pa's (my dad) house for dinner. Dinner was delicious, Thanks Dad! Nummy steak, salad, asparagus, and tater tots! The boys were crazy, they get outside of the confines of our house and go nuts. Arcadian and Brosnan escaped out the back door when I went to the bathroom. When I got out G-Pa was carrying poor little Arcadian with a bloody skinned up nose. Poor guy looks horrible. Didn't seem to phase him much. Justice finds it a little repulsive though and refuses to look at him. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow. It was good times though, I am still looking forward to a year or two from now when my kids don't go crazy so much. Right now they just feed into each other's craziness. Oh well....It can only get better.

Enough for now, I was up late working on homework and work and now I'm beat. Tomorrow is speech therapy and Justice's first Karate session in his new colored belts only class.


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