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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another day...

Today was speech therapy for Brosnan and my weekly trip to Fred Meyer for the staples (fruits, veggies, dairy etc). Nothing to exciting.  Brosnan is doing good at therapy. Today was better than last week. He is more into it some weeks than others. After I got back the boys and I ate lunch. When Arcadian went down for a nap Justice and Brosnan wanted to play with marbles so they went into Justice's bedroom. The first 15 minutes they were fighting, Justice wanted all the marbles and he was not wanting to share with Brosnan. Once they figured out how to share they were good. I tried to get some work done while they were quiet, about 30 minutes later Justice comes out very excited and tells me that he has something very cool to show me. I went and looked and he had marbles stacked onto the lego's. It was pretty crazy! I had to take pictures of course.

This afternoon was Justice's first day of Karate in his new, colored belts only class. I think he was a little intimidated at first. The building was packed. They just opened a new building for the Child and Youth Services (CYS) on Ft. Lewis and now the Karate, Dance, and gymnastics are all held in the same building and classes are going on at the same time (in different rooms). We used to go on Mon & Wed and it wasn't nearly as crowded. So tons of people there and Justice was not really interested in standing in line waiting with the other kids. Once class started and he headed off to the Karate area he was fine. He didn't really say anything about the class afterwards. He said he had fun and got to do some new moves.

After we got home from Karate I spent a good deal of time trying to coordinate our girls night out tomorrow. There are 5 of us going and we are spread out between Tacoma, Orting and Enumclaw so we wanted to make sure it was easy for everyone. In light of Cinco De Mayo tomorrow we will be going out for Mexican food. I am looking forward to hanging out with pretty much all of my best friends from school. 

Enjoy the pictures :-)

Justice was playing with his Daddy's marbles today and made this wonderful Lego/Marble thing.

Here are a few shots of Arcadian's skinned up nose. Poor kid.... He had just gotten out of the bath so it looks a little shinier then normal.
And a few misc shots of the boys watching Spy Kids after Karate. Brosnan was posing for the camera.

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