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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of those days....

Wow- Today has been a long day. I feel like I've spent way to much time being angry at the kids...especially Brosnan. He has just been in everything today. Every room, every drawer, every thing he is not supposed to be doing he has done today. Not sure what his problem is, he is usually pretty good.

Today there was a point when I thought the boys were being good. They were in Brosnan's bedroom playing with the big lego's. I checked on them and they were being so good and nice with each other. They wanted me to close the door (not uncommon because of their younger brother), so I closed the door and went back to work at the kitchen table. I heard them making more noise then they should be, sounded like maybe they were throwing blocks and dumping toys out. I said to myself, I'll just let this slide... they are not fighting and I am actually getting a little work done. Big Mistake.... I checked on them a little while later and in the corner of the bedroom is EVERYTHING....  Toys dumped out, everything off the shelves, books...everything. They were even starting to take stuff from other rooms to add to their pile... So, I told them to clean it, Brosnan ran off to another room and Justice whined that he didn't know where everything went. He did try though, but did not get to far before he gave up. It was crazy, and yes, in the end I was the one that cleaned it up.

Then, poor Arcadian. He skinned his toe up and keeps re-skinning it. He sneaks outside every chance he can get and I can't seem to keep his shoes/sandles on him. He came back inside the house after playing in our brief sun break, and his poor big toe was bleeding. I went to the bathroom to get a band-aid and he started running away from me. The older boys think bandaids are the best thing possible and want one for any type of pain, Arcadian thinks they are evil. He ran away crying when he saw what I had. He did manage to let me put his sandles back on though. So he went outside and played for a while then came back in whining...not uncommon... I picked him up and saw that his little toe was hanging out the side of his sandle, which was why he was whinning and wanting me to pick him up. Thank goodness I noticed it because it looked like the circulation was getting cut off :-(  Him and his toe are thankfully okay.

Justice...he was pretty good today. During the room debacle he dressed up in the Dr's play outfit and came out to examine me. It was pretty cute.

Today has just been one of those weird, off days. I think part of it has to do with knowing that we are so close to Justice coming home. 9 more days... I am sure these 9 days are going to take forever, and the 3 days he's home are going to go buy too quick.


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