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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thursdays are not fun days. Thursdays are usually the days that my weekly homework is due so I am usually pretty stressed since I procrastinate. Well, today was not much of an exception. I did however finish one of my classes homework yesterday so I only had one class to finish. Anyways, stressed about homework, and continuing to deal with our townhouse in Virginia. Trying to purchase a dishwasher, get it delivered, and installed when I am living 3,000 miles away from the store is not as easy as I thought it was going to be...long story, lots of coordinating, not to mention they want me to sign something can't email it and I don't have a fax....blah, blah, blah.... THANK GOODNESS we are finally getting everything together so that we can sell the stupid place, which of course is another reason for my stress today. Bottom line I spent most of the morning/afternoon dealing with stuff with the house, the afternoon went just as crappy. Thursday is Karate's at 4:45. I needed to sign Justice up for next month's session so we left at 3:30 so I would have plenty of time. The boys (mostly Brosnan) was horrible in the lobby, then, they didn't have the updated list for the authorization for the colored belt class. After realizing that he was already in the class they decided that they would let him sign up for it again next month. THEN of course they inform me that I need to re-register with the Child & Youth Services before I can sign Justice up for Karate. We still had about 40 minutes before his Karate started so I said sure, I had time. The lady then gathers a stack of paperwork for me to fill out. Stupid & Ridiculous! The EXACT same papers that they already have from last year. I thought I would just have to tell them, yes all of the info is the same and they'd reregister.... There was NO way I was going to stay there with the kids and fill out the pages of paperwork (oh, did I mention I did not bring in Arcadian's stroller because I assumed I'd only be in there for 5 minutes???). So I got nothing accomplished, have to go back next week.

The fun continued after we got to Karate. I made the mistake of letting Arcadian walk (instead of being in the stroller) so he was pushing it successfully into anything and everything in his path. He literally shrieked and screamed when I tried to guide him in a certain direction. I've never heard those sounds come out of him before. THEN, Brosnan, Arcadian and I were sitting at a table playing with some Lego's when Brosnan decided he wanted to go to another area. I said that was fine but he had to put the lego's back. He got upset and threw them on the floor in the middle of the hall. We had a bit of a power struggle, I told him we were not going unless he put them away, he said no, so I made him stand against the wall until he was ready to pick it up. He continued to say no... He finally picked them up, I got excited thinking I won.... wrong... He picked them up then threw them back on the ground spreading the mess out even further. Arcadian started crying, Brosnan was yelling at me telling me he wasn't putting them back. I finally picked them up and headed towards the door. Brosnan reluctantly followed but was screaming telling me we can't leave without Justice... We got outside, he continued to be upset because he wanted to go play in the other room... About 15 minutes later I finally got him calmed down and we went back inside. Life was okay...  After karate was over and got everyone locked in the carseats I realized Brosnan didn't have his robot... unbuckle everyone go back inside....THANK GOODNESS it was found quickly...back to the car, buckle everyone back in and we headed home.  After that things were okay. The older boys watched "Spy Kids 2" while Arcadian and I watched an episode of Blues Clues before bed time.

After about 30 minutes of Justice & Brosnan in and out of bed they finally fell asleep and I was able to finish my homework.  Fridays are days that I usually leave free to do anything or nothing at all. No homework is due, no where to go... generally a laid back day. Tomorrow that is what I plan on doing, nothing but spending time with the boys. At least until they go to sleep, then I have to work on one of my two papers that are due on Sunday.

Did I mention Justice got in trouble at karate today. Him and two of his friends had to stay after class and do pushups for messing around during class. Is this what my life is going to be like for the next 16 years?


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