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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Quiet Saturday Afternoon.

Nothing new or exciting today. I think we are all recovering from a busy week. We woke up early and went to Justice's soccer, made a quick trip to Fred Meyer then came home. The two older boys have been relaxing on the couch watching movies while Arcadian sleeps.

As for me, I have been trying to catch up on LOADS of laundry. I have folded about 5 loads (from previous weeks) already and I have about another 3 or 4 to wash. This evening will be filled with dinner, bathtime, and some homework accompanied by a tasty strawberry rum drink! The temperature is warm outside but it has been sprinkling off and on. Of course as I type that it starts to pour outside.
Yay! (said in a sarcastic tone) Arcadian is waking up. I suppose I should go and let him out of his bed before he starts to get angry.


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