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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a difference some sleep makes :-)

Today went much better than yesterday. I owe it to a decent night sleep. hmmm... I took all the boys to Brosnan's speech therapy this morning. Justice has been asking to go (they play games there) so I decided I would take them all. It went well.

Afterwards I took them to Wright Park in Tacoma. We walked around for a little while and looked at the birds, squirrels, ducks, and fish. Arcadian was in heaven seeing all the wildlife. I'm pretty sure he was more excited at the park then he was at the zoo. After our walk we went to the playground and I let them all play. Arcadian got to swing and had the biggest grin on his face. If I can figure out how to get my photos off my phone and onto my computer I'll upload them. Justice spent a bunch of time spinning on toy. It made me woozy just watching him. Brosnan wandered around from one thing to the next. We had a good time.

The rest of the day was spent at home. I have been trying to do some reading for school. Last week was not so much fun trying to do homework when I had not done the reading. In previous courses I have been able to get away with that but that doesn't seem like it is going to work as well this quarter.

Until tomorrow...


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