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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poor Arcadian...

Today was a pretty good day. We woke up to a beautiful spring day. The older boys were playing video games while I fixed breakfast. After breakfast I decided the only way to get them to enjoy the weather was to force them outside and take them to the park. Justice has been asking to have a picnic for sometime now so I decided to day was the day. I packed lunches, bagels, fruit, crackers, and juice. We loaded up the car with Justice's new Ironman bike and off we went. Upon arrival at Wapato Park I recognized a friends car in the parking lot. Yay! Friends!

I pushed Arcadian and Brosnan in the stroller (when Brosnan wasn't running) while Justice rode his bike. We crossed paths with our friends and continued our journey to the playground. I let the kids play, I even let Arcadian out of the stroller so I chased him around while keeping an eye on the other two. After a near collision between Arcadian and some kids on the swing I decided it was time to get our lunches so we can have our picnic.

Justice picked out a beautiful picnic spot between some tree's in a nice semi-shaded area. The boys sat and ate their lunch. They were perfect! They actually sat and ate. Very relaxing. I decided we would get a little more exercise in so we headed for another loop around the lake. I started to feel bad for Arcadian sitting in the stroller so after we got to an area that had a barrier between the path and the lake I let him out. He was doing good and listening, until he found a puddle on the side of the path. He was to far ahead of me to stop him so in he went running, splashing, and giggling. Oh well, wet shoes, not a big deal. After he went through the puddle and realized I was chasing him, he ran faster. Shortly there after he spotted the goldmine of puddles. It was more like a swamp on the side of the path. Mud, grass, algae, a big pile of mess. I saw him head for it and I ran faster to stop him but it was to late. He was trudging through it. Then I saw what was going to happen next. He lost his footing. Can he recover? At this point I'm thinking two things, "Please don't fall" and "I really do not want to go in that." This puddle was probably 5 inches deep. Of course, he fell, face first. Thankfully he was able to pick himself back up and I was able to avoid the filthy swamp water. He was covered from head to toe in mud and green disgusting swamp goo. Those that were walking by were trying not to laugh. Now I remember why Arcadian stays in the stroller.

I stripped him down to his underwear, and listened to him scream as I put him back in his stroller. We continued on our way back to the car and headed home for a cleansing bath.

All in all it was a good day. Looking forward to many more adventures over the next years!


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