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Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 Another Sunny *Tax* Day

Today has been a pretty relax day. Currently the boys are all outside playing in the sunshine. The boys are taking turns pushing each other on bikes. I just finished cleaning off our table outside so I think I might bring my laptop out there and try and get some homework done.

I am looking forward to the kids being able to play in the sunshine, but I am NOT looking forward to the extra bumps and bruises that the hard concrete and balls and bats will bring.

Today is my father-in-law Walter Hawkes Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! Justice (daddy) said he is spending the day doing something out in the woods that involved live fire (people shooting guns at him). Hopefully no one sneezes while shooting. Although the situation is controlled, it is still a bit scary knowing that he is running around with people shooting real bullets in his direction.

The Spring Fair at the Puyallup Fair grounds is going on this weekend. I have been contemplating whether or not to take the kids in the morning. The thought of bringing all three of them gives me a bit of worry and anxiety. They have a tendency to run... So, we will see how well they are behaving in the morning. My other option is to take them to IKEA. I just realized this morning that now that Brosnan is potty trained both him and Justice can go into the play area. That would mean an hour of semi-peace while Arcadian and I looked around. Hmmmm, I guess we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings! If all else fails, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous again tomorrow so I will at least take them to the park.

I am really going to try and keep up a little with this whole blog thing. We shall see how that goes though. Maybe someday I'll even get creative and add pictures!

Until next time,

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