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Friday, September 20, 2013

Someday Life in Thailand will Calm down. Right???


         I know, I know... It has been awhile since I posted. Sorry. It has been an exciting and exhausting month. All three of my kids are now in school full time.  I thought this would mean extra sleep and relaxation time. I was WAY wrong at least so far.  The first week was a staggered start for the kids.  On Justices first day, Brosnan had a meet and greet in his class, the second day Brosnan started and Arcadian and a meet and great. By Thursday they were all in school from 7am - 2pm! Celebration time right? Wrong. I felt like I was in school those first 2-3 weeks. There were meetings galore, PTO, new parent orientation, medical, and of course several trips to Nurse's office with Brosnan during testing time, helping monitor lunch, and then helping with Insulin calculations and doses after lunch.  I needed to make sure that Everyone involved was comfortable, competent and knowledgeable regarding his daily care.  The nursing staff and teachers have all been wonderful and after a week I slowly started to wean myself out of he picture and hand over full control to the staff.  There have been several learning situations for all of us but we are now a month into it and everyone seems to be on the same page and getting into a routine. Enough about that.

         Soccer started the second to last week of August and Cub scouts has started as well.  Soccer is currently M, Wed, Thurs, and Saturday.  3 kids, 3 different teams. Each and everyone is miserably hot and sweaty.  I feel bad for the kids.  Heck, I feel bad for myself when I am sitting watching them play.  Sports is good for kids right?  Even if they complain about it?  Justice (the husband) says that they complain about it because they play to many video games.   He is probably right. It's okay though another month of soccer and it will be over...wait...then Baseball starts.  It is never ending.

         WE FINALLY got our UAB (unaccompanied baggage shipment).  The one that was supposed to be here within 30 days of our arrival.  It was a little late, showed up just shy of 3 months after our arrival.  The kids were in heaven for about an hour as they played with their toys, then went back to video games... I am not exactly sure what we were thinking when we packed.  My most useful items in the shipment was my desktop monitor, keyboard, and misc. desk items, and of course my Keurig Coffee maker.   Even with the odd items that we put in the 30 day shipment, it is very nice to see more of 'home' around the house.  Our 90 day shipment should be delivered within the next week or two and our car should follow shortly thereafter.


Even though we are super busy with the kids and day to day life, we have found some time to do some site seeing.  A few weeks ago we went to Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute's Snake Farm.   The snake farm had lots of snakes. Many of which I hope to never see anywhere but in the cages that we saw them.  Almost all of them are native to Thailand. The snake farm does venom extraction that is used to make anti-venom for hospitals in the community.  


Brosnan and Arcadian looking at the snake cage 
King Cobra- Can you imagine seeing this in your yard????

The snake handler's brought out various snakes to show the audience.  This snake was NOT in a cage, but on the floor in front of the crowd.  It is a big snake that looked very vicious.  I hope that this snake never crosses our path!

COFFEE In Thailand

  Thankfully the Thai's enjoy a cup of java as much as I do.  Especially, a nice iced coffee in this hot humid weather.   A friend of mine introduced me to this man. He is a mobile coffee man. For 18 baht (a mere $0.60) this guy will make a fresh cup of really bad for you coffee. Some whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, fresh brewed hot coffee, and a touch of Thai happiness, poured over ice into a cup (or small plastic bag).  It was sweet, ice cold, and delicious.   He travels around the local streets outside of Nichada.  I have seen him a few times, always in a different spot.  I am happy I was introduced to him early on in my Thailand adventure and hope to see him many times!

    I will leave you all with a beautiful sunset I caught out one of the bedroom windows.  The photo on my iPhone does not do the colors justice.  It was absolutely breath taking and I have not seen one quite this lovely since this night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! It was nice to read and see your update. Sounds like things are moving along for you. I haven't done much on this end about our impending move to Bangkok. But I did buy a trapper keeper, calendar and highlighters. That's about it. Oh, and I printed up ISB paperwork. Take care and looking forward to your next update!