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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 1 down...a lot more to go.

    Our short time with daddy being home has come to an end. We took Justice to the airport this morning so he can once again venture off in the military world. After a day of flying he has arrived safely on the east coast in Rhode Island. We miss him already but after the 8 months he was just gone for, 4 months should go quickly.
     The boys and I faired well for our first day alone in Yuma, AZ. After we got back from the airport Justice and Brosnan played for about an hour in Justice's room. Arcadian was wandering around doing Arcadian things so I was able to get the kitchen cleaned. Once the good, quiet boys became antsy boys, they decided to play some video games. Actually, Brosnan and Justice spent quite a bit of good time playing together. They drew some pictures which I found a bit hilarious. Justice was drawing pictures of people and some scribble things that he said were bad guys that got killed and their guts. Hmmm, maybe there is some truth to the whole video games are bad for kids!?!  I mentioned that maybe he should try drawing some nice pictures. He came back to me with a rainbow and apologized for the guts he was drawing earlier. Such a cutie. Brosnan's pictures continued to be good guys and bad guys.
    After drawing they played with play dough. That came to an end after about 20 minutes when Justice was no longer interested and Brosnan started to eat it. Strange child.
    When Arcadian woke up from his nap I loaded the boys up for our first adventure out in the world, a nice trip to Target. My friend Mr. Coffee stopped working when we moved here and I know I will not be able to make it through four months of single parenting without a little pick me up. So I purchased a new Mr. Coffee espresso machine and am waiting for tomorrow morning to arrive so I can have a nice iced white mocha. mmmm.
    Oh, besides daddy leaving, we had a bit of a sad day.  Yesterday Justice caught a lizard. I was mowing the lawn and noticed something running in the grass it was a little lizard and Justice caught him. He was SO excited. He wanted to call grandma and let her know. We called and left a message. He called Grammie...and left a message...  He called his sister Anna...and left a message. Apparently people are busy on Saturday afternoons!  He did finally get to talk to both grandma's and tell him about his lizard that he caught. Unfortunately, the lizard was a little stiff this afternoon when we checked on him. Justice was a little bummed. He's afraid he won't be able to catch another one. I think one of the main reasons why he caught the one he did, and the reason why it is no longer with us, is because it got stunned by the lawnmower. BUT, we will try and catch another. We see them often but they are super fast so it might be a difficult task.
    Our day ended with baths and stories. Justice's reading is amazing. He read a pretty long book to Brosnan and I. Then Brosnan tried to read one. The conversation when like this...
   Brosnan: Mommy, what's this word?
   Mommy:  I
   Brosnan: I.  Mommy, what's this word?
   Mommy: want
   Brosnan: want. What's this word?
   Mommy: to
I'm sure you can get the picture on how the rest of the story went, but at least he was pointing at the words and trying! It is now almost 9:30 and all the kids are in their bed, I'd like to say sleeping but that is questionable since I keep hearing noises coming from Brosnan's bedroom.  There is nothing exciting on the agenda tomorrow besides Kindergarten and coffee drinking!

Enough for now. I want to enjoy the quietness before going to bed myself.


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