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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Growing Up..

A week or so ago I received the parts to convert the crib to a full size bed. After a few days of the ginormous box being used as a balance beam, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make the switch.  After Arcadian's nap on Saturday I took apart the crib and put it in Justice's room as a full size bed. He no longer sleeps on mattresses on the floor. The boys have been mistaking it for a trampoline but at least they like it.

Arcadian is now in a 'big boy' bed. The tried and true race car bed is taking its last laps in the Pelton household. Although it is sad to know my babies are no longer babies, I am thrilled by the idea of moving onwards. I look forward to my boys growing up. Yes, babies and toddler's are cute and cuddly but they are so much work. For the last 6 years I have been changing diapers and listening to crying, and whining because of a child that is disabled by the physical and cognitive limitations imposed on them due to nothing else but their age. I am tired of a child that throws themselves on the floor because you accidentally gave them chocolate milk in the morning instead of orange juice and they don't understand that it was a simple accident. I'm tired of kids that do not understand basic action and consequences. I'm tired of chasing after children that do not understand why I am chasing after them. I'm tired of being kicked every time I change a diaper. I'm tired of changing diapers. I'm tired of cleaning up food off the table, chairs, floors, face, clothes, hair, hands, and ears after EVERY meal. I'm tired of baby gates and child proofing. I'm tired of having to restrict activities of the two older boys because the youngest is to little to play. I'm just tired. With that said, there are things that I will miss about babies, such as their completely innocent smiles, their giggly laughs, and the excitement they experience as they learn new things. All those things will continue as they grow but it evolves into something a bit different.

When Brosnan was about 13 months old, I found out I was pregnant with Arcadian...and I cried. I was happy with having my two boys and I was then excited to move on in life. I had just started my Master's program and I was living back in Washington and looking forward to spending time with friends, family & enjoying life. Well I was able to do all of that but not how I had hoped it would be. My life with my three boys is hectic and taking them anywhere was never relaxing. Going over to a friends house always meant that I would be constantly running behind them making sure they were not getting into everything. Sitting down and just visiting was next to impossible. It was exhausting to leave the house. Don't get me wrong. I love all my boys and enjoy them immensely. I'm just looking forward to life getting easier. Arcadian is living up to the 'terrible two' stereotype. Justice has his moments, but he can be reasoned with and understands. Poor Brosnan is stuck in the middle. Justice understands why we can't do certain things at certain times, Brosnan kind of gets it but doesn't agree with it. The older two like to color. Arcadian likes to color as an appetizer and finishes off with eating the crayons and chewing the tips of markers. The older two are often not finished coloring by the time Arcadian is but when Arcadian is done it has to stop. If not he is climbing on the table, throwing markers/crayons, eating them or grabbing one and running around the house. Anyways, my point is, things like having a crib free house means more to me then just not having a crib in the house. It is the beginning of what I am hoping is a more enjoyable time in our lives. Both the kids and myself are slowly gaining a bit of Independence that has restricted us because of the demands of small children. I think by this time next year there will be so much stress relieved from nothing other than the developmental progression of age.

I was going to go to bed early tonight and it is 12:30am....so much for that.

Good Night-

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