A family of 5, Super Mom, USMC Dad, & three boys ages 5, 7, & 9. This is glimpse into the daily life of raising 3 American boys while living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Three Boys

Well, there they are... My three boys. Justice "X" (2), Justice (almost 30), and Brosnan (5m). The picture was taken February 8th in our family room in Fredericksburg, VA. Aren't they cute!


justipierga said...


Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Even the Big one in the middle isn't too bad!!!

Thank you Jenn for sharing the photo's. "X" is getting so grown up....and Brosnan is going to be 12 by the time I see him...he'll be a little man himself!! Love, K

Grammie said...

This is my favorite. How cute are they! What a great idea, you are so creative Jenn, we just Love you. Thanks again, it will make the separation a little easier. Love, M